Now in its third year, the Literature Committee IIIT Vadodara celebrates Alfaaz, the Annual Literature Festival. We invite you all to share and discuss the pleasures and challenges of written and verbal expression with a great blend -- from fiction and nonfiction to poetry and spoken-word performance. Alfaaz has a complete dose of mainstream events including open mic, poetry & micro-story writing, fan fiction, spell bee, and fun events such as guess the gibberish and many more. The festival offers a unique opportunity to hear some of the greatest contemporary literary stalwarts together on a single platform that brings diverse thoughts & opinions and upholds freedom of thought & expression during the five-day mega event. It does not matter if you are a reader or writer or speaker, we have something special for all of you.


  • किस्सागोई - लघु कथा लेखन
  • Du coeur - Micro Story Writing
  • Fade in - English poetry Writing
  • काव्यांजलि - हिंदी कविता लेखन
  • Mic Check - An Open Mic event
  • Spell Bee
  • Fun Events
    • Guess the Gibberish
    • How Lit are you?