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Literature Committee


Dr. Ajay Nath



Raghvi Saxena



Tirth Joshi

Vice President


"Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic." -Carl Sagan, Cosmos. The main objective of Literary committee at IIITV is to enhance the spoken and written skills and conduct various events providing a platform for the students to discover and show their hidden talents.


Major Events

An open mic event is a great way to bring the community together and generate creativity. The platform is open for each and every one and gives the participants an opportunity to express themselves freely in any language and genre. At the event we also invite artists, masters of their respective fields who inspire students with even more with even more grandeur and talent.
Amidst the brainstorm of ideas only the best shall remain till the end to achieve the glorious title of the best among the best. So do you have a tenacious, influential, braggadocious or simply a better idea which you think has the mendacity to be the best , then this is event for you.
Hired is an interesting competition that simulates the actual job interview scenario. The event takes place in three phases which will test the reasoning/logical skills and overall personality of the participant. Come participate if you think you have what it takes to get hired!


No Events!


Mohak Khare (Winner) - Daring Debates Organised by Difficult Dialogues - 2019

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