Mansi Tundele



Janmay Joshi

Joint Secretary


MOD 5 - The Dance Club of IIIT Vadodara

MOD 5 was started by our alumni in the year 2014 and since then our club has seen continuous growth. We come under the cultural committee of our institute and host multiple events throughout the year. We are a group that not only focuses on the dancing skills but also team spirit and teamwork are our pillars. We have participated in many events and have achieved to be the finalist in most of the events. Our main aim has always been and will be to grow and make ourselves better every day.

We learn, we grow, we perform.


Major Events

A great learning curve for everyone and an initiative to get a step closer to the an aesthetic artform, the expression of the soul, DANCE. Followed by a competition of presenting the skills learned from the mentor.
Dance competition based on a creative festival theme, for celebrating and cherishing different types of festivals and depicting them through dance performance.


A throwback to the beautiful era of songs and dances from the past with a black and white theme. Get ready to groove with songs from before the 1990s and dance with an open heart!


  • Synapse '20:
  • - Finalist in Footloose
  • Blithchron '20:
  • - Finalist in Dance Competition
  • Synapse '19:
  • - Finalist in Footloose