The IIITV Coding Club


Pushkar Patel



Atishay Jain

Joint Secretary


IIITV Coding Club

We are a group of programming enthusiasts who aim to encourage and promote the programming culture and improve the technical credibility of the students in the institute.

With the ever-expanding domains of programming, we aim to do the best we can to keep you updated with the latest trends and help you with your programming journey while you're here. Throughout the year, we conduct events like tech talks, workshops, competitive programming contests, study jams, hands-on sessions, quizzes and much more.

IIITVCCC (IIITV CodeChef Campus Chapter) and DSC IIITV (Developer Students Club IIITV) are also a part of the Coding Club.


Major Events

The CCC conducts various Competitive Programming contests around the year. iiitv.init() is our annual contest to introduced freshers to competitive programming and iiitv.str() is our annual long contest. Our largest contest Cook-a-Code is held during Cerebro.
We conduct workshops and talks on various tech stacks to help people get familiar with them easily.
The DSC conducts study jams on Machine Learning, Android Development and Cloud technologies every year.


No Events!


  • 2nd Position at IEEE Gov-TechThon 2020 Hackathon, Winner at HackAtom India and 1st Runner Up in Eduthon
    • Aman Raj, Aniket Dixit, Arpit Srivastava and Ashutosh Singh
  • ICPC Regionals
    • Two teams qualified for ICPC onsite in 2017, and one in both 2018 and 2019
  • GSoC
    • Avi Aryan got selected in GSoC 2016
    • Pratyush Singh and Saurabh Jain got selected in GSoC 2017
    • Yash Ladha, Saurabh Srivastava, Monal Shadi, Anshuman Verma and Khilan Ravani got selected in GSoC 2018
    • Aman Yadav got selected in GSoC 2019
  • WTM Scholar
    • Akshita Agarwalla got selected as a WTM Scholar in 2019
  • CodeHeat
    • Samagra Gupta was the CodeHeat 2019 finalist
  • IAR Eureka 3.0
    • We helped IAR (Institute of Advanced Research) in organising their Competitive Programming Contest in Eureka 3.0
  • GDG Gandhinagar DevFest 2019
    • Collaborated with GDG Gandhinagar for organizing DevFest Gandhinagar 2019